Based in Middleton, North Manchester
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Treatment Fees

When you first enquire, I am happy to chat as long as necessary by phone to discuss your needs and concerns for free with no obligation for you to proceed with treatment. I am also happy to organize a call-back if you would like to take a little longer to address everything before deciding, again for free and with no obligation.

When you decide to go ahead, our first session will be offered at the reduced rate of £20. This would usually be up to an hour and would mainly consist of taking a complete history, agreeing on the course of treatment or way forward and doing some introductory hypnotherapeutic exercises and/or basic interventions.

Subsequent treatment sessions are then charged at £50 per hour (sessions are usually hourly) however it is possible to block book a course of three sessions for £120.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

In short, as few as possible! My aim is always to make my clients self-sufficient as soon as is practical and I don’t want anyone getting ‘hooked on therapy.’

For clients coming with issues such as anxiety and phobias which require a hypnotherapeutic approach, then somewhere between two and six sessions would be reasonable estimate with an average of around three.

For clients working on longer term goals with multiple steps, then more sessions may be required but they could be spaced further apart.