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Charlotte Ruth

Blown Away!

Carl did a past life regression session for me last week and to say I’m absolutely blown away by the experience is an understatement. Carl was so kind, friendly and professional which immediately made me feel at ease. The session itself was amazing, fascinating and left me feeling emotional (in a very good way). The past life of mine that we visited was completely unexpected so I have no doubt it was real and valid, and the messages that came from that life were so reassuring to me. I would 100% recommend Carl to anybody interested in past life regression or hypnotherapy in general. Thank you again Carl!

Anne Cripps

Totally at Ease

Carl made me feel totally at ease. My PLR was well guided and i felt perfectly safe and secure.

Jackie Jones

Stunning Experience

I had a past life regression session with Carl and was stunned by it!!! It was so interesting and very powerful. Carl is excellent at what he does. He is very experienced and makes you feel very at ease. He explained the whole process beforehand and I was aware at all times. I felt safe and comfortable at all times. Fascinating stuff this!! I recommend everyone to try this this! Thank you Carl for a wonderful unique experience! Highly recommended.

Vicki Sollis


Five stars!

Sian Winstanley

Personalized Session

Carl was a great hypnotherapist. He took the time at the start to discover how my inner mind works in terms of which senses I use to think and tailored his language to me. My session was revealing and dramatic. Carl gave me necessary time to acclimatise and persevered with my session without any rush or time-limit. There were a lot of take-aways to think about and I would love to have more sessions with him.


Amazing experience, very emotional too, would highly recommend. ^_^

danielle taylor


Carl is amazing at what he does 100% recommended him to anyone. Don’t hesitate and get yourself booked in most affordable in Greater Manchester. Very happy and a great outcome. 😁

Suzanne Nuttall

Very Patient Therapist

Thankyou Carl. It was an amazing experience. You made me feel relaxed and at ease and comfortable, and were very patient with me. I feel like I really connected with with George and found out alot about his life and how he looked after and cared for his family. Thankyou

Kimberley Thornborough

Highly Recommended

I went for a past life regression session with Carl. This was my first time doing anything like this. It totally fascinates me. When I arrived Carl took me to the treatment room and sat me down. He made me feel completely at ease as I was quite nervous. Carl did a warm up hypnosis on me first and made me feel very relaxed. We then went on a journey and I was regressed back to a period where I was a young girl. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I would also recommend Carl. He has a calming voice which was easy to follow. 10/10

Ana Martins

Great Results

I really enjoyed having hypnotherapy at Heart of the Matter Hypnotherapy. Carl Eden is very knowledgeable and explains the process in great detail. I started to see great results after my first session and it only took 3 sessions to help me to get over my past trauma. Thank you so much Carl for all your help and dedication!

MC Gadgetman

Much Happier

Before I came to see Carl. I was in a very bad place. I have had a very traumatic childhood. Which I have been carrying on my shoulders for over 35 yrs. I found from day one of the treatment I was much happier within myself as I really hated me as a person. Feeling it was my fault. Carl made me realise it was not. The treatment has really helped me. Plus I do the day to day exercises I have been shown by Carl. I am in week 5 now. I am a much happier person and can now process the thoughts I get and take on day to day tasks the right way. I fully recommend Carl as a Hypnotherapist. You will not regret your decision if anything you will get the help u so need from Carl. On a personal level. Carl Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your help I would still be in the same place as I was before I saw you. Thank you